Denim-Ankara Combo

Denim is not new, it’s the regular jean fabrics, but a unique styling distinguishes it from regular denim dresses
to suit African concept of dressing, and fits into an everyday woman and girl-child dressing.


The Ankara combo is simply a unique piece of Ankara pattern on denim fabric showcasing creativity of fashion designing.





The denim takes the major part of the dress while the Ankara highlights on the dress in different forms either on the
sleeves, as patches, ruffles, bows, buttons, frills, and taping.




Lovely ankara fabrics are not meant for adults alone, our kids can also beautifully rock stylish ankara fabrics.     Today a lot of  designers have carved out a niche focusing on kids, in the fashion indusdry. This niche has transformatively taken old school african fabrics that our parents used as wrapper in the past to create lovely outfits for our kids. It could be pure african fabrics, or the likes of it. Plain fabrics also play a vital role when designing with these African fabrics.

Kids Runway

blog1 Its just amazing what our kids are capable of.

Watching them on runway showcasing cute and well tailored dresses, makes us wish it was so during our days.

It gives pride to the fashion industry as there is hope for future models.

Our African kids should be encouraged to participate in such activities or  rather encourage the Industry to give a little more focus to our Nigerian kids.